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In the late 80's my parents worked for a small salsa company based out of Santa Cruz, California. Funny enough, years later they came across a classified ad in the local newspaper stating that the company was for sale. In 2006 my parents acquired the company and had much success with their recipes.

Fast forward some years, countless fans, and an ongoing divorce battle…my parents eventually ended their track to salsa stardom. However, I'm back to prove that my family's recipes weren't shared with the public just by luck, but more so by destiny.

In 2023 I created Salsa Sazona as a love letter to my family and my Mexican heritage. Growing up my Chilanga mom, Becky, taught me how to make amazing salsas! So, now it’s my turn to share our love of salsa with the world once again. Join me as I connect the pieces of my family's recipes, heritage, and love for food while we find some empowerment through the art of salsa.

I'm sure you are going to love being a part of our journey!"

- Edward Carrillo (Founder/Owner)

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Salsa De Mango

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a mouthwatering fusion of two bold flavors that will take your taste buds on a Tropical paradise. This exquisite salsa combines the natural sweetness of ripe mangoes with the smoky heat of chipotle peppers, creating a harmonious blend that's perfect for adding a tantalizing twist to your meals.

NUestras salsas

Bursting with flavor and versatility - our Salsas are the perfect accompaniment to elevate any meal or snack!

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Salsa Verde

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a culinary masterpiece that takes you on a journey through the vibrant and zesty flavors of Mexico. Made with the freshest ingredients and an authentic recipe, our Salsa Verde is the perfect condiment to elevate your dishes to a new level of deliciousness.

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Salsa De Chipotle

a bold and smoky flavor sensation that will ignite your taste buds with its irresistible combination of fire-roasted chipotle peppers and premium ingredients. Elevate your meals and snacks to a new level of excitement with this zesty and smoky creation.

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Coming Soon 2024


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